Blendering Easier: Part 2 (New Outliner System)

New Outliner: AKA The LIBRARY


1. Preview
Object… show Mesh full view
Material & Texture… show Preview sphere
Animation… show Bone animation
Particles… show First frame

2. Instances
Use count with a drop down menu for each instance
For each instance show its size, rotation, location and which layer it’s on

3. Show Linkage of Items
Link, Append, Own, Grouped, Parent

4. Folder feature to group similar type Objects/textures/materials or custom

5. Easy renaming ability

6. Easy Item Clone/Copy/Duplicate ability, but not copying instances.

7. Replace datablock with another, but keep original in archive, ability to delete archive

8. Ability to find unused objects, single used objects

9. Ability to delete/unlink items in library

10. Ability to add items to library

11. Ability to copy base objects in a scene to another,
ie. Duplicate set to another scene from a base scene after war/explosion/Snow storm/Seasonal change/whatever changes

If you are wondering where is part one, it’s here:


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