WIP: Beside you tonight PART TWO

In the weekend I painted over the original composition and found out that everything is too small. Original composition was made for motion pictures (I got original idea from a Korean drama on TV). Without the camera moving, dolly, pan or zoom, this scene will not work to produce its true feel.

Thus I change it from landscape to portrait. And I enforce its composition further. I use the inverted triangle composition (also known as V-shape composition), plus minor L-shape composition (left buildings to table) from previous work.

The inverted triangle composition is my simple idea of making a close to “heart” shape. The love symbol is partially V shape, so it would subliminally send the same message. The alignment of the buildings too are V shape and they feel natural. The alignment of chairs enforced this same pattern.

What make this composition better than previous is how big the props are now. We can clearly see the wine bottle, ash tray, cups and the box of cigarette. They send a message that some couple been drinking there and are “chillaxing”. Or other people just left their table.

Next part will be further enhance this composition on the BG side. I’m not rushing to finish this, I use this artwork as stress releasing after a long day of doing production and pre-production.

Bonus and the dirty secret: The scene set up view.

Update (19th OCT 2011): Composition Done!!! Line rendering with Freestyle. Ready for virtual paint.


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