WIP: Modeling S21 Part Two

Part 2 of modeling of Porco’s S-21. Initially I wanted to finish the cockpit, but after re-watching the anime I found out that my understanding of the cockpit is very limited. Thus more time needed for that part.

Here I update few parts that can be fixed/added/done very quickly. They are

1. The tail (fix odd shape made by subsurf)
2. Wind speed gauge (Correct to anime)
3. Engine top shape (My version, not following reference)
4. Engine radiator (from final version of S-21)
5. Windscreen (add detailing)


6. Front nose lower side (now curve inward, correct to anime)
7. Main Body shape after Cockpit

I have turned off all original reference, now modeling from the anime. Next update, hopefully I can finish the cockpit and explain everything inside.

PS: Cockpit will have all weapon related items removed.
PPS: Donald Curtis seaplane’s weapons location aren’t logical, the design make the dogfight guns firing to front propellers. How come Studio Ghibli never figured that part out? O..o|||


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