Be-er or Do-er

There are 2 major types of people in this world.

a. Wanna-be (be-er)
Dreamer, procrastinators, very creative people

b. Wanna-do (do-er)
Doers, people who conjures ideas and make it happen

But there are more be-ers than do-ers.


Fear of failure and be-er waits for everything to be in the right condition then he do.

“If you wait till all the lights are green, you’ll never leave home.” Zig Ziglar

Do-ers have very different approach to life. They are those people who are bold enough to accept failure as a lesson well learned.

To be-ers, a failure is doom and simply cannot be accepted. They often speculate on how failure will be before it actually happen. But for a do-er, failure is part of the system, failure checks the integrity of the plan and execution. If an execution failed, he will seek to patch it up and learn from what made it happen as such. From a collective of failures he will understand how to avoid them.

Another case with be-ers, they put ANDs to every condition. You will see it shrink one’s chance to make/have things happen. You’ll be like the little guy above, standing on a small plain. That’s self limiting.

For a wanna-do, he inserts ORs to conditions that will make it happen and only 1 or 2 ANDs to situation where it is crucial to the success (lesson learned from previous failures or from failures of others). Wanna-do is like that guy tiny above, he has large ground to stand on, and that’s freedom. He can adept to most situations well.

“Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.” Thomas Edison

So where are you? Standing in a small plain or running with freedom on an endless flowering field. Wanna-be or Wanna-do?

PS: Watch “Yes Man” starring Jim Carrey, see how a wanna-“no” transformed into a wanna-“YES” and discover what the transformation did to his happiness.

Update December 13th 2011:

This is the 1st version of this same topic that I wrote in a note in FB on June 24th 2011. It’s the motivation of why I wrote the 2nd version. It’s very harsh, please forgive me. But if you feel something while reading it, then my words have entered your mind.

“Thus far in my life I have been surrounded by wannabes… wannabes always dream on stuff, wannabes always whine of small difficulties being too big, wannabes always shove blames to people and circumstances, wannabes always distracted from what’s wildly important to what’s seem urgent.

Life is short.

To chase dreams but never make it. To cast a line and never hope to reel a fish. To see someone you like and never look at her/his eyes and say “I love you.” To see birds fly and never want to know how they feel when they soar. To say never to possible good things you may experience if you haven’t decided to toss the first step towards them.

Life is too short…

One won’t know when shit is gonna happen to them. One won’t know when any of one’s love ones or would be love ones are gonna depart from them. One won’t know when the next earth quake or any natural disaster gonna strike and take away all things one loves.

We just don’t know…

I… am a wannado. When I wannado, I already am, I be. When I say it, I make it. When I see a problem, I solve it. When I adore someone, I say “I love you,” I embrace her/him. When I cast a line, I work to reel a fish. When I see birds fly, I fly like them. When I dream, I make, I become.

I’m a wannado who yearn to find more wannados. Because life is too short to be crowded by wannabes.”


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