Blender Energy, FOSS Power

Paid and close source software are expensive. Especially 3D software. In my country (Malaysia) a full version of Maya is RM 15k that is about 4 full months of medium to high paid wage. For the 4 months you’ll have to drink morning dew, eat air just to buy a 3D software, which will cause you your life if done as told. /trolling_face

Thank God to Free Open Source Software (FOSS) and GNU General Public License (GPL), we are free from Autode… ahem. XD

I found Blender way back in 2002, it was when it 1st released its source code after NaN went out of business. Back then Blender was like “what the heck is this?” But with time and with major community contributions Blender has became a powerful 3D application in line with the big guys in the industry.

With major User Interface (UI) overhaul of Blender 2.5, it has made Blender be more customizable than ever before.

To download the latest release of Blender, please click this link.

After installed, you’ll get Blender default UI as above. Not bad but too many lines to scan and might scare the “bajizz” out of most newbies (and that maybe you… XD).

Well you can go into File>User Preference>Themes(tab) and change all the outline to match Windows color (use eyedropper). This way you have less lines to scan which makes scanning for a particular function very quick. Click “Save as Default” if you want to save the theme, or if you screwed up the color and want to recover to default theme click the button next to it.

But I have gone further to change Blender’s theme to something cool and fun. For me the default theme is too bright (mainly because I work in a darker room) and has been causing “retina burn” with long hours usage. The 2nd reason why I come up with this theme is Blender’s default theme lacks ENERGY.

This theme has few convention in it. To look for a big topic (ie: Dimension) you scan WHITE, then you can look at ORANGE color for detail settings you want to change (ie: Start Frame). This build up on the fundamental of finding things quickly.

scan WHITE >> scan ORANGE >> MAKE CHANGE and automagically DONE

Another cool thing about Blender, if you want to find and change a setting, it is always maximum 4 clicks away. If you are on the same properties menu as the change-you-want-to-make you’ll just have to click twice to your setting.

This is very fast compared to 3ds MAX or Maya and the lot.
ie: Click on drop down menu [click #1], select item [click #2, scan #1], menu pop-up [at the wrong location… ERRR!!!], drag menu to have better view [click #3, drag #1], switch tab [click #4], scroll down [scroll #1, scan #2], make change [click #5], confirm change [click #6], window disappear. /wipe_sweat

Above is the latest official release (as of writing) which has new motion capture tools, motion tracking, new rendering engine (Cycles) and ocean simulator.

If you have noticed, I have shown you many Blender versions. Because Blender is open source you can have many version in your system. I use 2.59 for Project Falcon, 2.60 for Freestyle (anime outline for work) and bmesh (multi vertex polygon beta kernel version), 2.61 for testing new features, hobby and work. The best part is you don’t have to install any version. Download the ZIP file (portable version) and place it in your HDD (or flash drive) and create a shortcut for each version on your desktop.

That’s about it for this brief intro to Blender Energy, FOSS Power.


49 thoughts on “Blender Energy, FOSS Power

    • Thanks. Unfortunately, the theme addon is broken. I heard that Campbell made a fix for 2.62 and theme will export as xml. Maybe then I’ll post the link. [fingers crossed]

    • You can’t browse theme by pressing +. Pressing + means add theme from your changes you made to current theme. To browse installed themes, you just have to press the theme name to switch theme, then “save as default” to get the theme running on every start up.

  1. Hello guys, this is a great theme but how can I let blender to read it?

    Actually I’m not able to set it in my blender 2.62

    Thanks in advance.

    • After you download it, you need to copy the file and paste it in theme installation folder. The location depends on which operation system you are using.

      You can check for the location when you see the tooltip for the theme installation location at Properties > Theme > Theme selection

      Just paste the .xml in that directory

      By the way, this theme only works with Blender 2.62 and above

  2. Finally it worked 🙂

    I use a portable version of Blender 2.62 in windows and the relative path where it worked for me is:


    Thanks a lot!

  3. I love the Dark themes and this one has them all beat. Asthetically pleasing to the eye, and very intuitive. Great color variation in all the text makes the screens easy to navigate. It should be made the default theme. Good work man!!!

    Thanks GLakie

  4. Ok for those who have OSX Find your, right clic and select open hidden content. then go to: contents/MacOS/2.62/script/presets/interface_theme and paste your .xml theme here.

    I tried it with energy version 4 and it works.

    Hope this help for some.


  5. HI,
    I just installed V4. It’s very well done; easy on the eyes, and the ability to use color to ‘track’ one’s steps is a great idea.
    Thank you very much for your effort!

  6. I’m not entirely sure what the issue is, but I’ve tried relative directories (except I don’t have this “interface-theme” folder), and I’ve tried AppData but still can’t make the XML work. I used the extractor rather than installer for version 2.62, not sure if that could be a problem?

    • Seems I posted hastily; the thing that I’m missing is the updated addon, but it also seems the page is broken or something, because I can’t get the file right now. If anybody happens to have it, could you get me a link please?

    • Cool!!!
      As the theme isn’t final yet, you still can tweak it to your liking.
      Anyway, if you find something wrong and want to fix it for the next release, just comment ahead.

      From comments everywhere, I found out that the scroll bar is too bright. Will fix that on next version.

    • Sweet!!! Next version will be available after 2.63 is released. I found few problem in the theme while working, Current BF WIP version is in total flux. So many code change here and there. Need to wait for a proper code polish release before working on the next.

  7. I would tweak the nodes some. The nodes blend in too much with the background.
    Other tweak would be selected file names when saving a file is not noticeable what is selected. Can’t seem to find which one that is.

  8. try this… copy and paste your XML theme
    to ( C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.62\scripts\presets\interface_theme )… Semangaat… 🙂

  9. Energy v6 will be out sometime next week after Blender 2.63 is released. In the RC1 build there are few theme inconsistency, especially on text selection format between… Text, Number field, Value slider. And there are 2 tooltips… ?!!! O_O

        • Yup Blender is much more fun with this theme. I’m for one among the 1st to think that Blender Default theme lacks “the wow factor”. The other themes are OK, but with many colors that we are not used to. That’s why I made this and shared it with everyone.

          I’m happy that you love it. If you find any color problem, don’t hesitate to put it here. 😉

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