Freestyle projects

Freestyle Projects

This render is to show the ability of freestyle to mimic After Effect’s Plexus plugin which cost USD 200.


Mesh wise, this composition has quite advance setup, mostly to ease post processing. 1 object can appear on more than 1 render layer with different rendering styles.


If you have watched Earnest and Celestine, you’ll understand that each frame is manually hand drawn. Well we can automate the laborious process with Freestyle.

Celestine Blender



Below renders are a fun project to show the power of freestyle. No material pass rendered. All you can see are freestyle lines. With freestyle you can do Tron like animation, those cool motion graphics you see in Deus ExAce Combat, and retro 80’s Wargames.

Story mode: St. Hewlett Bay is a busy commercial and military bay, where it is targeted as the initial location for mass invasion by a neighboring country, also to cripple its sea supremacy.

Lets see how this composition is built.

Next 6 renders are showcasing the layers of items to product this composition.












The composition is done but there is more to it, see the spy sat and submarine?


Rainbow is big meshes in the distance to get parallax correct.


The sun is purely line, very very thick line.


Blimp is cool.












This (below) is my favorite shot. It captured the moment just before the invasion. The border of peace and ruin.






For the screen capture below:

Top: raw render, no post processing
Bottom left: Post processed render
Bottom right: Mesh view
Right: Only render freestyle lines

St._Hewlett_Bay_The_Making (9)

Below is a Stereoscopic render, align the 2 white dots to produce a third image in the middle, and you’ll see everything pop into 3D space. Click on the image to go full size. Enjoy! 😀


Want to go more advance? 🙂



Download high quality video: (121 MB)


3 renders below are BNPR’s Freestyle Level Up content. You learn all the technical knowledge to produce such renders from the course.
SteamPunk Clock

Below composition is a labor of love. We (BNPR team) took great length of time, planning and much work load just to produce the render. We also explain what is NPR in the process. All traditional 2D artists will appreciate the very accurate description. Doing this in 3D you don’t have to focus on perspective all the time.

Venice View LineArt

The composition is then colored in watercolor style. And you have all 3D information to guide you in this process like where Shadows fall, where ambient occlusion occur, plus if you don’t like the position of gondolas you can move them and hit render again.

Venetian View Final


Ending note: All artworks presented here were created using Blender. Line art renderings were drawn using Freestyle feature inside Blender. Freestyle (FS) is a geometry based, post processed, line art renderer. There is a course you can buy to learn Freestyle, you can level up your Freestyle skills from minion to master FS-FU within 2 hours. Plus, the course is fun. Please go to for more info.

If you want big size of these renders, you can request them, I’ll set something up for you to be able to download them.

And 1 more thing. Have you heard of BEER? 😉


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