Ironman Hatching

Iron man hatching

Iron man V1

This is the first version where I hatched only shadow part. Color still using hue provided via cycles, 2 view maps so the render time was long (long by npr standard that is)

Iron man V3

Skip version 2, this is version 3. Hatching whole body. 1 view map so the render time is lowered by 30%.

Iron man v4

Version 4, this version adds rim highlight. And you might be wondering how that hatching is done. Very simple.

Textures Shader

The formula is… shockingly easy.

You can download Iron man model at CC-BY-SA. Show me what you can make with the node setup (but not copying for the same result on the same model). Eagerly waiting for your renders.

PS: Get FreeStyle course at and support BEER Development to enhance Blender Internal Renderer.

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