I wrote an ebook about color

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10 years ago I am as puzzled as most people when it came to applying color. If the future-me told the 10 years-ago-me that I will write an ebook about color, the past me will look at him with squinting eyes, puckered lips and a hand scratching my head.

[insert “say what?!” meme here]

Boy, have we learned color the wrong way.

One should not approach learning color by learning color theories. It is boring, demotivating and often hard to apply in your artwork. The correct approach is learning to see colors before anything else.

Then I stumbled upon a very important discovery. In those few hours I mastered color! That was one of the most profound Aha! moment in my life.

I made a course about it (now no longer available). This ebook is my second attempt to impart the knowledge to more people.

What if, I tell you that you can name all colors on this color picker. It is possible.


That is a lot of colors right? All the colors on the picker have unique meaning to me now. Reading my ebook, you will experience that as well.

New depth, more nuances.

Another very important skill to master is the ability to color pick from anything, then later recall the color accurately. Just like that one moment when I saw a nice blue-green color on the dress of a beautiful lady, I still can recall and color pick the same color digitally today. This skill will help you recall many things more vividly. You will experience the world the way I see it. That alone is priceless.

One of the artwork discussed in the ebook, done in Aseprite and Blender.

Go shopping for new clothing, you can name any color you see. Play video game, you know the color names on your favorite heroes. Saw a cool artwork on Twitter, you know the colors he used even before you use a color picker. You can see color channel numbers when you decide to go wild with your color picking. SICK!

What it feels like to see color channels everywhere. (well very close to this)

So what does it take to master color? What makes color stirring one’s soul?

When it comes to your digital tools, I can here people say: “Nah, I know color picker. It is just a color picker.” Boy, how wrong they are. In order to program a color picker, the developer must know quite a bit on how color works IRL and how to transform it into the color picker (unless he just pop in a framework without prior knowledge). This is called color model. The color model will mandate how you interact with the color picker. Different color picker types will either give you advantages or will cripple your color selection as well.

When you color pick from an image, it feels easy with any tool. But when you color pick from a set of requirements or designing a color palette from scratch, you will be creating a new world with its own sets of rules. This is the hard part. Fortunately more than half of the ebook will tackle this problem. This is the part where almost every color learner will face difficulty. When we leverage our digital color tools, picking soul stirring colors become easy. Things like color harmony and color unity are the result of proper color picking.

There are many ways to build a color palette, yet the foundations are few. Since they are few, learning them should be very quick. But they are only worthy when applied. Mastering those foundations will strengthen your ability to create soul stirring artworks.



A bit about the ebook.

The ebook is beginner friendly and useful for advance color designer. The topic starts from easy to very advance. In every step to color mastery, you will do simple challenges and experience new insights from them. You will land into advance topic without knowing it. The ebook also links to many topics you can find on the web. Including a link to some funny color names. 😆

If you don’t like long winded color theories and prefer knowledge you can apply directly, this is the ebook for you.

Soul Stirring Digital Color Mastery (SSDCM) is a shortcut to master color in digital medium. An ebook the past me wanted to read badly. Now that I have written the ebook, I am handing you the magic key to unlock soul stirring colors in your life.

Take full control of your colors. 💪

One of my editor even wrote:


Many people were involved in the making of this ebook. Thanks guys, this ebook is miles better with your contributions.

Get Soul Stirring Digital Color Mastery ebook now.

2 thoughts on “I wrote an ebook about color

  1. “What if, I tell you that you can name all colors on this color picker. It is possible.” “All the colors on the picker have unique meaning to me now.” There’s over 16 million of them, so… no they don’t? I can imagine a believable thing you could be gesturing at here, but this feels like a really bizarre and overstated way to say it.

    • Depending on how fine your color division. Most people cannot differentiate between #49A0B8 and #48A2B4, so why should you name them with 2 names. Instead name them more to the level of how a human can perceive them. When you pick them, you have more wiggle room for a color, and the color still have a name accurate enough for easy reproduction.

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