I’m known as LIGHT BWK in the internet realm. Been taming Blender since it was open sourced back in 2002. I write screenplays, concept arts, directing, character design, landscape design etc. Let’s get creative!!!

Studio LLB is all about creating arts with open source software such as GIMP, Blender, Alchemy, MyPaint, KritamakeHuman, Wings3D, ScribusInkscape, Pinta, Processing, OpenFrameWork, Aseprite and Godot Engine. They are freedom!!!

Status: Not available for hire at this moment.

Please contact me via

Facebook | Google+ | Twitter | Youtube | Phone: +60 16 8077880| Below

Contact Form:


Please contact me for these services:

  • Screenplay reviewing
  • Story plot (re)structuring & fixing
  • Cinematography work
  • General Blender related consultation
  • Blender private mentoring for beginners


Above: the nerd me trying to summarize storytelling using Perlin noise function

As you might have noticed, I’m an advocate of Non-Photorealistic Rendering (NPR) or sometime known as Expressive Rendering (ER). You’ll be amazed what Blender can do outside of the usual photo-realistic (PR) (and somewhat boring) stuff.

1. Feel free to join Blender NPR and Stylized Rendering FB group
2. Plus you can post cool ER stuff on BenderNPR.org
3. Join many other members in BNPR Discord Server

Bragging note: Light co-created Edge Nodes, co-authored Freestyle Level Up course, created mini npr courses like “The St. Hewllet Bay Incident,” “E-ART-H,” “Nanite8,” wrote “Pixel Math” and “Soul Stirring Digital Color Mastery” e-books, created the color course called “This is how you learn colour!” (now gone forever), a co-founder of BlenderNPR.org and made stuff you see on this website (including commercial works I’m not allowed to display here). 🙂


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, came across your blog and “blender bad habits” post. I found those tips great! Not many post those and once you have a bad habit, they are hard to get rid of.

    Since you run Windows, I’d like to promote more free & and gratis software, ditch windows, install/build a GNULinux system and you’ll gain 10-25% quicker render time (roughly what I’ve seen on the blender cycles benchmarks) Get rid of your bad habit of using a propriety system, save money and time 😉

    Another tip to you and your readers, (Calligra)/Krita is coming on nicely, still abit buggy for me, yet very capable and interesting draw tool, like MyPaint + GIMP in one.

    Keep up the good work and best regards!


    • LOL… Yup I run Windows, not because I can’t change to Linux but because other hardware dependencies can only run on Windows. This doesn’t mean I don’t run Linux either. I spent a great amount of human hours on those machines in the studio and online.

      About Krita, I got it tested. It has better UI than GIMP. Hope it grows mature soon and rid of bugs.

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