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Blender Theme: Energy

 1. Download theme: Energy

Notice: No theme for Blender 2.8 until the devs fix the theme editor. They should make the theme editor more D-R-Y.


For Blender 2.79(a) & 2.78c: Download #b3d theme v19b
(Open link in new tab/window,
Press “Download” dropdown then “Direct Download” )

▽▽ Release log below ▽▽

Older versions:

For Blender 2.78a: Download #b3d theme v19a

Note: ancient (outdated) versions now can be found here

 2. How to install theme:

Blender 2.64 and above:

User Preferences > Themes > Header (Install theme)
Locate theme file .xml > Install theme

How-to video by Blender Steve

For Blender version 2.63 and prior:

paste the .xml at
(WIN) …\blender2.6x\scripts\presets\interface_theme\
(Linux)…/home/<username>/.blender/2.6x/scripts/presets (Ctrl H to reveal .blender in user directory)
(OSX) …contents/MacOS/2.6x/script/presets/interface_theme/

Lastly, activate theme in User Preference & Save as default

 3. Cool facts about Blender theme Energy & Blender in General:

This theme has few conventions in it. To look for a big topic (ie: Dimension) you scan WHITE, then you can look at ORANGE color for detail settings you want to change (ie: Start Frame). This build up on the fundamental of finding things quickly.

scan WHITE >> scan ORANGE >> MAKE CHANGE and automagically DONE

Another cool thing about Blender, if you want to find and change a setting, it is always maximum 4 clicks away. If you are on the same properties menu as the change-you-want-to-make you’ll just have to click twice to your setting.


 4. Release/Change log:

V19b: Fixed hightlighted source list text color missed in more places

V19a: Fixed hightlighted source list text color

V19: Tweak text editor colors for even better contrast; remove blue hue in Python console and add more saturation to warning text; tone down radio button’s value by 0.1 (too high contrast, now it is 0.8); Brighten up other orange color by 0.1 in value (now the value is 0.9); Darken active tools tab; Fix selected text colors: text field and number field are brighten, while value slider’s highlight text is darken; fix pie menu border color for consistency. Fix bone group colors in the dopesheet and graph editor to make text visible. Enhance and tweak colors in text editor when coding, coders rejoice! Pondering WHY the NLA Editor has no way to remove gradient. 😛

V18: Fix progress bar’s color.

V17: Removed gradient on 3D view background (bad gradient on video capture), fix text color on VSE & Movie Clip Editor scrollbar, slightly darker panel headers with optimization for transparent 3D View sidebars’ headers.

fake V18: No change since v16. No improvement on theme editor means nothing to improve. Frankly theme Energy is tweaked almost perfect, except for info bar notification & NLA strips. Those are known issues and not fixed even they are reported many times.

fake V17: No change from v16 😉

V16: Energy has gone flat. Fix tool tabs color. Black scroll bar. Fix timeline frame text plus tiny fixes everywhere.

V15: Energy now supports pie menus. Blender theme Energy now available at Blender git

V14: Fix NLA Editor’s colors (that area is very under-developed, no toggle to remove the gradient shading). FYI: Almost run out of area to fix for theme Energy, which is good 😀

V13: Nodes colors by categories. VSE strips colors improvement. General UI color improvements for better division of buttons. Tabs colors. Fixed some old UI “color noise.”

V12: Gradient buttons are so 1999. Remove all gradient from theme (except viewport background). Buttons are easier to read now without gradient. V12 works with 2.68 and 2.69. Tested in real production environment for over 1 month.

V11: Maintenance release, updating to trunk major theme editor change. Also Energy V11 spot a UI bug, so this release also fix other themes ;D. Minor fixes here and there. Theme works for 2.68, for prior Blender versions please use their respective theme versions.

V10: Main focus of this version is 3D view for modeling. Now everything is contrast right, easy on the eyes, best for long hoursmodeling. Took few weeks to get done and tested over 168 hours. +1 for your eyes

V9: Tons of changes, the most notable are: Gradient 3D view, Text editor window > optimize text colors for Python and OSL. BIG THANKS to Ton for making Blender UI awesome.

V8: New colors for node editor, 3D Manipulator Widget Z-axis is easier to spot, Movie clip editor Source list color fix. And A BIG THANKS FOR DEVs WHO FIX THE THEME EDITOR!!!

V7a: Fix release to address Grid brightness in 3D viewport for low contrast LCD panel.

v7: The whole theme just got brighter, theme fix in Node editor (thanks devs), node editor connection noodle now straight (want curve line? increase Noodle curving value), fixed text editor’s text color on dark background (texts are easier to read now), fix widget color for Brush in Vertex Paint/Sculpt Mode/ Texture Paint/ Weight Paint and tons of other tiny fixes I can’t quite recall.

v6: Fixed file browser text selection color, Outliner selection, node editor node backdrop color

v5: Fixed Graph Editor & Dopesheet’s Channels color saturation, now with more energy, easier to spot. Darken Scrollbar color. Highlighted text in Outliner now Orange

v4: Fixed some color inconsistency, Grid color contrast problem in NLA, Graph Editor etc. Give it a test run, comment if you found weird colors in the theme

v3: Addressed some blue color existing in the UI

v2: Fixed some weird button color

v1: The original work

 Blender tool: Edge nodes v 1.2.4 (CC0)

Newer version of Edge Node available. Version 1.2.4.
Please go to for more info.

Older versions:

Edge nodes, version 1.1, Z Depth edge detection fixed

A post on how it works is here:

A tutorial on how to use it

 Screenplay: Beneath Crimson Clouds [Updated Title]


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

 Frequently Used Verbs in Screenplay:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

BitEnergy Font:

BitEnergy V1.0

BitEnergy is a bitfont with the base size of 16px. Western accents included.
Download Link [CC-BY]

67 thoughts on “Download

  1. Ah this theme is beautiful. I’m glad it didn’t modify my custom keys and such like it happened to me the last time I tried to apply a theme some months ago. Thanks for the wonderful work 🙂

    From Spain with love ♥

    • Cool!!!

      The idea is not to change the basic colors we are used to. Like you said other themes that I tried modified the basic working colors, sometime I go “Am I still in edit mode or…” XD

      Glad that you love it. Version 7 is coming very soon (along with the release of 2.64), reported 3 interface bugs while working on it, 1 is fully fixed (node group outer connector), another (brush/sculpt/paint widget) is partially fixed and went to TODO list by Blender devs, the last one (inconsistancy of theme color name to what they change) went to TODO list.

    • v7 brightness was addressed to solve problem I saw/experienced when v6 and prior were used in Youtube/Vimeo videos. Video compression cause the almost black value to go really black, which is too much contrast when a bright artwork is around and caused retina burn as I have experienced after watching 1/2 hr video tutorial.

      So the question now, do you want to look cool and burn your retinas (use v5/6) OR do you want to save your retinas and still look cool (v7)?

  2. aaaaahhh!! My favorite theme got better! ..but I will miss the dark gradient.

    Really I can’t work with any other theme anymore. Energy is just perfect!

    Thank you so much Light!

    • Try to factory reset your Blender by “load factory setting”, you might have old Blender setting from previous version. Also download only theme for the specified blender version to decrease problem from occurring.

    • Thanks! 🙂
      You can curve the node links by going to User Preference > Theme > Node Editor > Noodle curving (current set at 0), change that to as many segments you need. Then save the edited theme by using the + button and rename it. Then remember to press “save user settings” so that you can have the setting on your next Blender start up.

  3. hi, given the love of your theme by the community, I would like to add it to the Blender themes repository in Addons contrib.
    Good work & thank you.

  4. 4 in the morning and still hooked on my computer and installed your theme. It’s better than mine 😉 almost the same, but yours I give it the max of ☆☆☆☆☆ stars.

  5. Hi. Thank you very much for this great theme.
    I found in Graph Editor that if you choose something in the left panel, the text remains the same than not selected items. In this image I have selected the item marked with a red arrow:
    In other themes I have seen the text of the selected item is highlighted. I really do not know from where that is configured in settings.

        • It is the same thing happening in ‘Dope Sheet’ with ‘Source List Text Highlight’.
          Another thing I’ve modified in your theme is ‘Noodle Curving’ (=5) under Node Editor. But this is only aesthetic, I do not know what your preference is about this 🙂
          Thanks, really one of the best themes for Blender.

        • I apologize for being so annoying :). Also occurs in NLA Editor and Movie Clip Editor. I think those are all where ‘Source List Text Highlight’ appears.

  6. Hi. Me again 🙂

    The error messages or warnings that appear in the bar above in Blender are difficult to read (orange letters on light gray background):

    I can not find how to change the background color there. Do you know how? What colors do you think would be best?

    • There is no solution for that part of the theme. Many people been asking for that fix. But no dev fixing it unfortunately.

      Best colors for that part… Blender’s default theme. Which is a really bad theme. 😦

  7. 3D VIEW, arrow-Axes: The arrow-axes does not have to be three colours. When environment/wireframe have similar colours the axes are difficult to find when looking at the arrows for right orientation.

    Less is better just in this case, just like your theme.

    To enhance this the axes colour use have been mimited to 1 with lightness variation. Together with an attractive colour the axes are better noticeable and are not to pronounced. Blue is a noticeable colour with ease on the eyes. But you can use any colour that fits the criteria and the theme. Finally for best case scenario the arrow-axes need their own backdrop; shadow or frame.

    In my case x-axes is lightblue, y-axes is blue and z-axes is darkblue.

    • I only do the color not the UI programming. The axis colors is determined by Blender standard with minor tweak to get blue (Z) to be more visible.

  8. 3D VIEW, background-colour: My preference for the background is a background with a little gradient, just noticeable and with the lightest colour on top. I do not know if this is because its resembles the horizon a bit but what I noticed that it works easier and more pleasant.

    When doing this the preference is a bit lighter background. Also in result the edit mode colours have to be inverted (although someimes your layout works better; it’s a bit of 50% to 50%. Not really convinced which one is best, still searching).

    • With gradient background color, the color banding is making the UI too ugly for comfort. That’s the major reason the background has no gradient.

  9. hotkeys: You should post an improved hotkeys/interface buttons. Starting with most used keys at an around [w] [a] [s] [d] .

    Becoming an interface-master.

    • You may have accidentally downloaded the html since Dropbox download behavior has changed.
      1. Open link in new tab/window,
      2. Press “Download” dropdown then”Direct Download”
      I also updated the post with this new change.

  10. Hello! Do you have plans for Blender 2.8 version ?. If so, I offer myself as betatester 🙂
    Just let me know. Thank you.

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